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The Rhythm360 platform by RhythmScience is a flexible software and/or services solution to improve cardiac practice efficiency and scalability.
Practice Analysis
Remotely manage both your implanted device patients and your chronic disease patients in one easy-to-use dashboard, plus benefit from our unique staff extension service.
Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Monitoring
Rhythm360 monitors remote device transmissions from four vendors – all through one portal with one, secure login. Practice can receive uniform alerts across all vendors, with a standardized summary report, a full vendor report attached and an audit trail for tracking. Learn more about device monitoring with Rhythm360 by scheduling a demo:
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Remote Physiologic Monitoring
Remotely manage patients with chronic diseases using implanted or external sensors, including: CardioMEMS PA Pressure Sensors, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, Remote 12-lead ECG and more. Reports upload directly to Rhythm360 and services are billable under CPT codes to maximize practice revenue.
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Staff Extension Services
Rhythm360 is much more than a software platform. We also offer optional remote technical and nursing services to clinics who need assistance implementing and managing remote patients. Clinically trained team members are available to help with reading reporting, compliance maintenance and patient coaching.
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Remote Monitoring Improves Patient Outcomes

Adapted from the 2015 HRS Expert Consensus Statement on Remote Interrogation and Monitoring for Cardiovascular Electronic Implantable Devices.

A RhythmScience Case Study:

Remote Monitoring Is A Profitable Service Line

Actual BilleD Units

Billed Units increased 156% AFTER clinic switched to Rhythm360 Platform

actual payments

Actual Payments to Clinic increased 135% AFTER switch to Rhythm360 Platform

Learn more about the Rhythm360 platform in this overview video.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team to schedule a demo and practice analysis to determine if Rhythm360 can help your practice grow.
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Practice Analysis: Is Rhythm360 right for your practice?

Rhythm360 from RhythmScience helps cardiology practices improve patient care, increase staff productivity and optimize billing revenue. Discover if this cloud-based solution is right for you by scheduling a free practice analysis to determine:
●  How much additional revenue may be available through missed billables
●  How much time this solution could save your staff
●  How Rhythm360 can improve your current workflow efficiency

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