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Aggregating cardiology data into a unified platform with turnkey solutions to meet your monitoring needs

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Monitor longitudinal journey of hypertensive patients

Heart Failure

Manage patient journey with automated, AI driven care pathways for remote monitoring using connected external devices and/or implanted devices

Rhythm Management (CIEDs & Ambulatory Cardiac Devices)

Comprehensive cardiac device ecosystem provides effective data capture for standardized reports

Expansive external + internal device ecosystem

MCOTs, wearable EKGs, Cardiac patch monitoring, and more.

Revolutionize cardiac care with RhythmScience

Better data. Simple workflows.

Rhythm360® is an integrated platform that creates a unified workspace to review, interpret, and utilize data from patients and devices for hypertension management, heart failure management, and rhythm management [CIEDs, MCOTs, EKGs, etc]. Receive actionable data from implantable or external cardiac devices for patients with hypertension, heart failure, and rhythm disorders.

Access critical cardiology data with simple workflows.

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Remote cardiology made simple.

Technical services teams can supplement existing clinical care teams to provide expert patient engagement services. Trained team members are available to help with alert management, patient compliance, and health coaching.

Always on even when you're off.

RhythmScience and Cedars-Sinai Health Ventures are teaming up to innovate in cardiac data!

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"I wouldn't be able to get through my day without the help of the RhythmScience Team!"

Joanna J.

RN Houston Methodist Debakey Cardiology

"You guys have been so helpful. We love this platform."

Margaret K., NP

Torrance Memorial Medical Center (Cedars Sinai Affiliate)

"Thank you always for your great help. I know I would not have made it through 2020 without you!"

Arlene D., PA

Houston Methodist Debakey Cardiology

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Hypertension Management

Heart Failure Management

Rhythm Management

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Rhythm360 for Providers is a cloud-based universal cardiac data platform for implanted devices, wearables, and at-home connected devices that lets clinicians incorporate notation, e-signing, and billing into their everyday clinical for managing cardiac data.