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Our Platform

Hypertension & Heart Failure Management

  • Monitor longitudinal journey of hypertensive patients to improve clinical outcomes

  • Manage patient journey with Standard of Care protocols for remote monitoring using connected external devices and/or implanted devices

  • Remotely manage patients with chronic diseases using implanted or external sensors, including: PA Pressure Sensors, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, Remote 12-lead ECG and more

Rhythm Management (CIEDs & Ambulatory)

  • Monitor remote device transmissions through one portal with one, secure login, one dashboard 

  • Comprehensive cardiac device ecosystem provides effective data capture for standardized reports: ICDs, pacemakers, loop recorders, MCOTs, ECG patches & more 

  • Monitor all remote cardiac data for Holter, event, MCOT, ensuring that patients are compliant and transmitting

Data collaboration 

  • Streamlined workflows facilitates collaboration across cardiology clinical teams, from Electrophysiologists to Heart Failure Specialists to Cardiologists for management of multiple device patients and ensure patient transmission

  • Receive actionable data, pertinent notes, and comprehensive reports for patients with implantable or external cardiac devices


Ease clinical team responsibilities and increase the efficiency and depth of patient care

Optional remote technical and patient engagement services to clinics who need assistance implementing and managing remote patients. Technically trained team members are available to help with reading-reporting, compliance maintenance and patient coaching.

An extension of your office staff

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Rhythm360 for Providers is a cloud-based universal cardiac data platform for implanted devices, wearables, and at-home connected devices that lets clinicians incorporate notation, e-signing, and billing into their everyday clinical for managing cardiac data.