Cloud-based software

Simplifies follow-up of remote and in-person cardiac devices and data to manage patients with complex chronic conditions.

Our Platform

Data Security

SOC2 Type Certification & HIPAA compliant

Bidirectional EHR integration

Streamlines reporting, automates billing, and ensures all patient information is centrally located.

Built-in compliance & analytics tools

Detect significant clinical or device events seamlessly and ensure all services are appropriately billed

Tailored packages

Customized for the needs of the clinic.

Comprehensive Cardiology Platform

Comprehensive cardiology report for each patient 

Capture implantable and wearable cardiac device data for a robust clinical context 

Patients with cardiac devices on one dashboard

Vendor neutral data platform 

Multi-modality cardiology monitoring

Seamless integration for hypertension monitoring, heart failure monitoring and cardiac rhythm management

Uniformed and standardized summary reports for Rhythm and HF/HTN remote monitoring billing workflows

Vitals averaged over time for more clinically relevant guidance

Simplify workflows

Reduce burden on staff to check several places for missed critical items

Notify only the urgent with triaged, customizable alerts

Robust documentation and report taking features

Optimize billing processes

Ensure timely and accurate billing

Maximize remote monitoring CPT billable revenues 

Simplify billing and ensure all patient data information is centrally located with streamlined reporting

Platform Screenshot


Hypertension Management

Heart Failure Management

Rhythm Management