About RhythmScience

We’re developing virtual cardiac care pipelines to improve management of hypertension, heart failure, and rhythm management. Why we’re doing it is just as important as how.

Our Story

RhythmScience was born out of a desire to expand access to advances in science. As healthcare technologists, we launched new implantable device technologies that had the promise of preventing hospitalizations and improving quality of life for large populations. But in practice, doctors didn’t have the equipment and personnel needed to take advantage of the new devices nor the data they created. Because of that, the patients who could benefit most from these advances never got the opportunity to do so.

We saw patients whose deaths were preventable had they had the right interventions at the right time, but instead were victims to an overwhelmed health system that was bogged down by inefficiencies. In fact, one of our own, our first chief engineer, lost his battle with a chronic condition after beginning this endeavor. These tragic losses are the driving force to why we created Rhythm360 – to help realize the power of technology to make patients healthier.

Meet the Team

Shawn Kumar

Founder & CEO

Amit Rushi, MS, MBA

Chief Commercial Officer

Cristina Gutierrez

VP of Health Systems and Market Access

Rick Alvarez

Head of Sales

Ryan DeBoer

Commercial Lead (Central)

Tyrol Ehlers

Business Development Specialist

Sarah Mitchell

Customer Support

Ashley Cullinan

Clinical Ops Lead

Tudor Nan


Mauro Oviedo


Trevor Peace

Head of Engineering

Matthew Ostrom

Medical Director

Ričardas Barkauskas

Infrastructure Manager

Roy Crisman

Engineering Manager

Advisory Board

Robb Gosling

Vijay Vaidya MD

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Alan Solitar

Alan Solitar
★ 1991   2020
Our former Chief Architect, Alan Solitar, passed away in August 2020. This is his story.

Alan was the son of a physician and pursued creative writing in his early career. After pivoting from writing and getting his degree in Computer Science, Alan became interested in in digital health and RhythmScience was a natural fit. In a short span of time, Alan took the project from pilot phase to full production mode.

He also battled with his own chronic health conditions. Alan spoke frequently of his efforts to change his diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits to improve his health. His experience with such made him uniquely suited to build the RhythmScience platform. His dedication to his work extended to his personal blog, where he shared insights about software development with others.

We dedicate our work in Alan's memory. His passion lives in the code base, and we will never forget that RhythmScience exists to ultimately serve chronic disease patients like Alan Solitar.

At the end of the day, we are all patients.

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